Joining in 85Broads: a native Chinese girl’s international life in Beijing

85Broads is a global network of over 25000 trailblazing women who are inspired, empowered and connected. The Regional Chapters develop and strengthen the global presence through exclusive workshops and events featuring industry experts.

The Beijing Chapter was established in July, 2010. Its mission is to provide the unique opportunity for women to engage with each other related to business and connect to a global platform of other inspiring women in the world today, which is achieved by the organizers in the form of monthly dinner parties, on which some elite women in certain industry are invited to make inspiring speeches and any women who is willing to invest in social value and career development can also be present. In addition to speeches, there are also free communications; any participant can have close-in conversations with speakers.

I am a native Chinese girl, without any experience studying or living abroad before. Instead of being a homebody idling away in the spare time like many other native Chinese in Beijing, I am trying to jump out of my comfort zone to embrace the international metropolis. The international women’s platform-85Broads Beijing Chapter witnesses my attempts.

In 2011, an unexpected opportunity made me one of the officers (volunteers) of 85 Broads Beijing Chapter, which does not only foster me to work more professionally, but also widens my vision in a larger extent: listening to inspiring speeches and getting to know more people.

On the evening of June 21st, 2011, 85 Broads Beijing chapter dinner featuring women in the lead was held in Alio Olio (a newly opened Italian restaurant located in west gate of Chaoyang park) as planned). When 7:00 pm stroked, all the ladies got together on the cozy second floor with atmospheric lighting and framed Lamborghini prints. It seems that this traditional Italian-style decoration can nurture friendship as well as brainstorming. Definitely, what the event party impressed me most is that women can reign as successful leaders with amazing life against this male-dominated world.

Michelle Li is the director of China Operations of Xinfu, a leading global CEO advisory and consulting firm and heads up business development and operations in the market engaging with Chinese entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 leaders on the whole business and leadership agenda. She shares her success values in terms of stress, talent and culture, which is especially helpful for women in the positions of managers alike.

Elaine Chang is the General Manager of Intel China Marketing and Channel Group. Based in Beijing, she is responsible for all marketing and channel business in PRC, including strategy, marketing and promotions of Intel brand and products, retail and partner co-marketing, and distribution/channel development and management. For me, she is the most inspiring speaker that night. She is a mother with two kids, but her speech made me feel that she knows very well how to manage a balanced life between work and life. Her wisdom also lies in that she always hires smarter people than her in the team, make them work happily, and create a friendly working atmosphere in the office, which sounds opposite to the native Chinese office culture. Being wise, strategic and kind at the same time is always my dream. She is absolutely my model!

Dr. Osborne is a Zambian national, currently working as a senior advisor, HIV/AIDS / Team Leader with the World Health Organization (WHO) in China. She is the most humorous speaker, and her speaking always resulted in great laughter. She shared her exotic (for me) struggling life experience themed by perseverance, which is the key to her success at a personal level as well as seeing through the progress of fighting HIV/AIDS in China.

Around 10:00 pm, the event was already drawing to an end. I am sure any participant has harvested yummy Italian food and spiritual nourishment as well, just like me!

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