85Broads Beijing and AmCham Presented an Inspiring Dinner at Karaiya Spice House

An inspiring 85 Broads dinner, co-hosted by AmCham (American Chamber of Commerce) was held at Karaiya Spice House on October 18th. As the membership outreach officer for the 85 Broads Beijing chapter, I arrived a little early to prepare. For this event I received approximately 50 professional women, all of whom were interested in hearing stories of our guest speaker Tatiana Rosito and tasting the delights of Karaiya Spice House.

Around 5:00 pm, I settled myself on a high wooden chair on the second floor of the restaurant decorated by antique Chinese artwork and sculptures and wooden window framework all across the ceiling, elated at the headcounts in my laptop today! Within half a year ago, our attendance has been doubled. Since our network is expanding gradually in Beijing by the means of LinkedIn, Weibo, words of mouth, in the effort of Katherine Don, Shanti Christensen, Joy Bloser, Nellie Connolly, Marie Claire and me, we are attracting more and more professional women to our events as and more 85 Broads members as well, both native Chinese and westerners. The achievement coincides with our mission- to provide the unique opportunity for women to engage with each other related to business and connect to a global platform of other inspiring women. Definitely, professional women need their own platform to support each other and develop their career and business in the male-dominated world.

After the reception phase, the excited moment came when our distinguished guest speaker Tatiana Rosito stood in front to begin her speech themed “From Brazil to China”, focusing on China-Brazil relationships in a changing world order in her unique perspective. (Tatiana Rosito is Minister-Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Brazil in Beijing, who holds a Master in International Development degree from Harvard Kennedy School and an MBA from INSEAD and Tsinghua University.) I enjoy being mentored by amazing people, who are identified with wisdom and wit conveyed stirringly to me. Because of them, some day I find myself reinvented somehow!

The sumptuous and tasty Hunan dishes were served to the table one by one. The applause marked the end to Tatiana Rosito’s speech. She then joined 4 tables one by one, so that most of the ladies could access to communicate with her. Unfortunately, my seat was not close to her on my table. However, I had wonderful conversations with the lovely ladies around me. Emily Chew is a lovely girl who sat opposite always wearing warm and gentle smiles and her work in MSCI brought her to China 8 months ago. I exchanged what I did in Beijing. She was the first one to ask for my business card first that night! Sarah Morgan bearing lustrous forehead, from the publisher racemaker in USA told me they have scholarly works on automotive history and some Chinese books for kids published. I blurted out, “Do you need translators?” She answered immediately, “Give me your card.” Holly Williams (Chinese name 何丽)is a correspondent in Asia Bureau Sky News. She is from Australia and learnt Chinese in University. Surprisingly, she tried to talk to me in Chinese. After knowing my Chinese name from my card, she joked with me in Chinese, “We were one family 500 years ago!” I was very glad that she characterized me as a cheerful girl! Charu Swaminathan is a creative and graceful Indian-American jewelry designer as well as a professional Indian classic musician, who combines her Indian heritage with western influences to create colorful handcrafted jewelry. She started her career from designing jewelry pieces for herself in the beginning. Although she holds a master in computer, her career all relates to art she loves. Passion will work out a successful career. Click here to check her artwork.

When they hugged me goodbye and said something like “Let’s stay in touch”"I will read your blog” “I wish you could write me on your blog”, I felt delighted! It’s great to hear wonderful ladies with rich life journeys tell their stories. Meanwhile, I also intuited that people with totally different culture backgrounds have a desire of communicating with local Chinese to know more about China. I will tell them more about Chinese cultures proudly in the future chances!

I also got a chance to talk to Mariel Montuori, the General Manager of AmCham, who helped bring our speaker and spurred the cooperation between AmCham and 85Broads Beijing Chapter. I met her once on Chifan for Charity Media Party last year, got her business card and still remembered her Chinese name 孟瑞儿. It’s exciting to be in a reunion when we co-worked for a dinner event!

What a rich and meaningful day for me!

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  1. noch says:

    sounds like a good event – very sad i keep missing them :(

  2. Noch Noch says:

    i’m looking forward to your nextpost:)

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