A never fail vegetarian dish– gan bian dou jiao (干煸豆角)

Before I set foot in the US, I had known that gan bian dou jiao (干煸豆角) was one of the most popular and representative Chinese dishes there. After I landed in Philadelphia, I began to know it’s not difficult to find it on the menu in almost any Chinese restaurant here.[......]

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女人之间的头脑风暴会议:85Broads北京站 VS WEConnect International

从会议室明净的窗外望过去,可以俯瞰整个北京城;肆虐的寒风托起一片片枯萎的树叶在高空中打转。室内的我们交流中,碰撞出的是智慧和激情。 [......]

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More than 40 years after arriving in New York from Mexico uneducated and broke, Felix Sanchez de la Vega Guzman still can barely speak English. Ask him a question, and he will respond with a few halting phrases and an apologetic smile before shifting back to the comfort of Spanish.
四十多年前,没有受过什么教育、身无分文的Felix Sanchez de la Vega Guzman从墨西哥来到了纽约;四十年后,他仍然几乎不能说英语。问他一个问题时,他总是用几个不连贯的英语短语来我回答我,面露抱歉的微笑,然后又换回让他觉得舒适自如的西班牙语。

Yet Mr. Sanchez has lived the great American success story. He turned a business [......]

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beijingkids的万圣节Brunch Ball Party

10月29日和30日的上午,beijingkids在首都机场和王府井的希尔顿酒店,各为孩子们举行了一场万圣节Brunch Ball Paty,并把原汁原味的西方万圣节气氛搬了过来。(西方的万圣节是每年的10月31日晚上。今年的29和30正好是周六和周日,beijingkids就提前给大家过节了。)作为志愿者,我有幸见证了全过程。[......]

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85Broads Beijing and AmCham Presented an Inspiring Dinner at Karaiya Spice House

An inspiring 85 Broads dinner, co-hosted by AmCham (American Chamber of Commerce) was held at Karaiya Spice House on October 18th. As the membership outreach officer for the 85 Broads Beijing chapter, I arrived a little early to prepare. For this event I received approximately 50 professional women, all of whom were interested in hearing stories of our guest speaker Tatiana Rosito and tasting the delights of Karaiya Spice House.[......]

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我在the Beijinger成立十周年千人派对上当志愿者

10月14日,我像往常一样打开自己的微薄,一条有关the Beijinger成立十周年千人派对招聘志愿者的微博映入眼帘。派对在周六举行,需要会英语口语,还有报酬哦;而且发微博者是我上个月在85Broads社交派对上认识的Jennifer Thome- Agenda Beijing的主编;她中文很好,还有一个好听的中文名字窦梅珍。还可以认识新朋友!等什么呢,赶紧发邮件应聘![......]

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An Inspiring Journey to the Countryside

Fortunately since university, I have been blessed with meeting wise and kind mentors, who keep inspiring me to reinvent myself and acquire confidence. [......]

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Joining in 85Broads: a native Chinese girl’s international life in Beijing

85Broads is a global network of over 25000 trailblazing women who are inspired, empowered and connected. The Regional Chapters develop and strengthen the global presence through exclusive workshops and events featuring industry experts. [......]

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在大学时,和同宿舍的姐妹们去学校附近的饭馆-“乡村一锅香”打过好几次牙祭。所谓一锅香,就是内蒙本地人常吃的烩菜-用一个大铁锅,把肉(或者排骨或者土鸡 羊肉什么的)、土豆、豆角、粉条等加最普通的调料葱姜蒜、酱油等一起烩,肉要足量。做好后,肉里有菜的香味,菜里有肉的香, 相当的美味呢。正如一方水土养一方人,那么一个地方的美食也反应了当地人的性格特征:烩菜是内蒙古民风实在、热情、淳朴的表现。I love Inner Mongolia![......]

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The authentic village wedding in Hubei

On a pitch-dark cold morning of January 29th, my cousin drove Shanti, Peikwen and myself to a hair salon in the town of Xinjie (新街) to glamorize me for my big day. Shanti noted every time I wear makeup, we are together! I realized she was absolutely right. For me, wearing makeup is always related to special moments and unforgettable memories. This time both Shanti and her husband Peikwen came to share our special moment. My husband Zuofei and I thank them for their warm and inspiring friendship![......]

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